Recovered Shipyards

The original scope of this project was recovering shipyards from the internet archive and extracting the graphics so that they could still be used. I first did this out of curiosity, because I realized that Onyx's stuff was only the tip of the iceberg. I realized that nobody else was about to do the work, so I'd better do it all myself. Most of these where relatively low-hanging fruit, but someone had to grab it before it was too late.

If you're looking for Meowx or Eeun 's their stuff is split between here and OpenGameArt.

Onyx's Old Shipyard

These where designed for an EV total conversion by Max Karl Key. I've moved themto a more common format, and (for the planets) applied the mask so that they have an alpha channel.

A few years ago, I contacted Key about releasing the graphics under a proper liscense. He agreed, and as a result I can present them here to you under a CC-BY-NC liscense.

Free EV

A full replacement set of graphics for Escape Velocity, plus a couple of extras. Many of the ships are complete departures from the original designs, and the ones that aren't are mostly quite different, leading to what is essentially a completely new set of graphics.

Adams shipyard

Recovered from the internet archive. I know very little about them apart from that they where going to be in a mod that was ultimately abandoned. Names are my fault. I think I have most of them.

Grand Novice Graphics

I've been unable to contact Dailey, but I think that this archive is mostly complete.

"The use of any graphics or data from within any of the free items is acceptable to all public use so long as the graphics are both credited to me - Matthew Dailey - and the URL for my homepage appears in the ReadMe for your plug and in any area on your site were credits are listed."

"If you wish to use graphics from any of the free items in a commercial product please email me first. The items made available in this area of the site are meant to be used in freeware projects, but can be used in commercial products for modest reimbursment."

Note that all of the links are dead and the contact information appears to be inaccurate as well.

Captain Joze's graphics

Recovered from the internet archive-the site was a casualty of the geocities shutdown. I've extracted all but one ship's worth of graphics.

Attempts to contact Joze have been unsuccessful.