Welcome to the shipyard liberation project. To explain what exactly that means, I first must explain the idea of a shipyard. Deep in the past (the 90s) there was a mac game named Escape Velocity with a dedicated following. The game was easy to mod, and a modding community flourished.Many 3d-artists created graphics that would fit into mods (plugins) and gave them away for free on sites that they called "shipyards."

The purpose of this site and project is to archive the artifacts-that is the graphics-in less obscure formats, and host them. Both of these are to ensure that they are not lost to time. Many are already partially or totally lost, but in some cases I've been able to contact the artists and get them released under creative commons liscenses, ensuring that what you are allowed to do with them is spelled out clearly. Please enjoy browsing through these graphics, and if you have any leads on missing graphics, or just want to give feedback, don't hesitate to email me at eamonn.m.r@gmail.com.