Plugin graphics

From plugins that explicitly allow graphics reuse.

Some plugins in ambrosia's archive have readmes that allow people to reuse the graphics, most of them stipulating that they'd like to be notified (which is generally not possible anymore) and/or credited. Because such plugins have been preserved by Ambrosia Software, I was able to extract them. Actually doing so was, in most cases, quite a challenge-I needed to emulate an old mac to run Mac OS 9 in many cases. The readmes clearly say that the graphics are for others to reuse and enjoy, but in the format that they're in, they may well be lost forever. That's why I have extracted these into the same formats as other graphics and posted them. My thanks go out to the generous plugin authors who allowed others to make use of the work they did.

The Final Battle graphics

The large EV plugin "The Final Battle" was released with the following about its graphics:

The graphics from Final Battle may be used freely by anyone. All that I require is that they state in the plug's documentation that I originaly made the graphics. (Like people wouldn't know anyway... )

Attempts to contact Evan Priestley where unsuccessful. It currently only exists in the EV add-ons page.

Incomplete TC Graphics (The Forgotten Earth)

This TC may or may not have ever been totally finished; it may have simply been first released as 'The incomplete TC' and then the name stuck when it was completed. In any case, the author allowed for reuse:

If you want to use the graphics or sounds contained here for your own plug-in, please do so, but I would appreciate it if you gave me credit for my work.

I've tried to organize all of the graphics by apparent faction.

Wariom Empire: Incomplete

From an incomplete plugin (apparently not TC) by Rolland Smith.

Arach vs Jarvis

A few ships from a small plugin that allowed reuse ("royalty free"). The author wanted to contribute work to it like an open source project; it's not clear if this ever actually happened, however.