Partially recovered shipyards

I've recovered some elements of these shipyards, but not the entire set of files (or nearly the entire set). If you have any of the missing files, feel free to contact me-I'd like to be able to move these to the complete (or nearly complete) shipyards page.

Dreamwave Studios

The continuation of Saber Studios, but it's been in a state of limbo for years. I managed to salvage a small number of Captain Skyblade's later ships from it.

Spare Parts

It appears that stardock also hosted mods for other games as well; I would not know how to go about extracting those, but anyone else who wants to try is encouraged to. However, the outlook is grim for this one; there are lots of ships and such listed, including an entire set of themed ship and outfit graphics, but they can't be downloaded from the archive, and the webmaster, Andrew Luby isn't the only one who created the content (for example, the Seraphm graphics where created by David Rhode)

They where created by different authors, so I'm putting them up as seperate downloads. Most of the authors didn't provide email addresses, unfortunately, so I've had some difficulty contacting them (read: total failure)

It should also be noted that some of the models are included; they appear to be old infini-d models. Please contact me if you've figured out a toolchain to get infini-d models into modern formats.

Brian McNett's ship and planet graphics
Kris Hauser's ships and landscape
Andrew Luby's ships, weapons, and upgrades

Shade's Shipyard

A ton of shade's stuff was in BOTK , so it was preserved that way. But I've got less than half of it. His site is still up at but the download links nolonger work.