Mirrored Graphics

There are some shipyards out there that are technically still up, but haven't been touched in a long time and the formats are old. In the intrest of preserving the graphics and making them accessable to users who aren't on Mac OS9 (or even Mac OSX) I've converted them and hosted them here for your enjoyment.

Note that I have a different section for a couple of artists that I was able to contact with still-accessable shipyards, and put their stuff up on OpenGameArt.

Saber Studios

Saber Studios (By Captain Skyblade) is still online as of this writing, but the files may be difficult (or impossible) for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux users to access due to the format they're saved in, so I've converted them to more reasonable formats.

An older version of the site was located at:


Captain Z's shipyard

Though it hasn't been updated for a decade, Captain Z's starbase is still up. It was the main source of information I used to find old shipyards (the other was Meowx's Resource Freighter 3

I've tried to contact "Captain Z", but I've been unable to. Who knows how long that will stay up, untouched.

Bolle's EV graphics

This is a complete set of ship graphics (not icons, etc, just the in-game sprites) for Escape Velocity, still up for download on one of the EV add-ons pages. By Bolko "Bolle" Maass.