Missing Shipyards

There are several lists of EV shipyards online; the best are Evula's, Captain Z's, and this EV forum thread. Many of the shipyards have been preserved in the internet archive, but a good number haven't and still need to be recovered by other means.

This is not a complete list; this is just from the two sources listed above. If you know the former owners of any of these now defunct sites, please send contact info my way-I want to see the hard work put in by artists benefit as many people as possible, and it's sad to see these pieces of history be totally buried.

Why include them at all then? Simply because someone might have them saved somewhere, and looking them up in the internet archive or just seeing the URL could very well jog somebody's memory. It's also possible that some plugins might have a few ships from the shipyards listed here-I've seen a few Carnarveron and weepul ships here and there I'm sure, but unless I can definitively attribute media, I'm not going to post it.

An interesting point is the demand for original graphics for plugins-people on the forms often complained about not having original graphics, (ie had not been used in other people's mods) but many of the shipyards listed here never had graphics used in a plugin that I can find.

Ewain's Shipyard


Archive only has preview pictures, no contact info. It's possible that earlier versions where hosted in a different locaiton that I've been unable to locate. The current page is just an "under construction" type thing. The pictures appear to be EV Nova style ships, so it's probably recent compared to the other dead links here.

Canarveron Station


Most of the Geocities section is archived, but they used another site to host actual downloads; some stuff might be in plugins, esp. empire series.

Kraig Hill's shipyard / Klyde Corporation


Links to:


Links to:


This site, as you can see, went through several hosts. No copies in the archive.

Warlock's Shipyard


Also possibly:


"Warlock" wanted actual money for the ships he made, so this might not be appropriate for this project at all.

Weepul 884's Free Graphics


Wanted exclusive use of graphics (the proprietor would email them)-now they're inaccessable. Some of them may have been preserved in BOTK or other plugs.

Kwanzasoft Graphics


All the stuff left in the internet archive is copies of ships from movies & TV. I haven't extracted them yet.

Ebon Weaver's Graphics


Totally lost. Not in internet archive at all.

Pontus's EV Page


Mostly lost; some pages still in the depths of the internet archive, but not the graphics apparently.

BB88's EV & EVO shipyard


Archive does not even an index page; no idea where the graphics are supposed to be. Some plugins may have used these.

Conwy Station


Another geocities casualty. Very little is available in the archive; I've sent an email to the owner, Joshua Jackson.



Tragically they had a robots.txt that disallowed the Internet Archive's bot from saving any of it.

EV Armada


Somewhere between Spare Parts and the EV add-ons page, though it's not clear how many people actually used it. Some of the site is in the archive, but it appears almost all of the art and writing is lost.

Black Hole


Not much here, but the artist may have created ships for plugins and retains all rights, so they could yet be released with the author's permission.

Scarcely attested missing shipyards.

I have the least hope for these sites; they may or may not have ever been shipyards, and some of them may have never existed.

Shade Of Blue's shipyard


Dead with most of the crosswinds sites; this appears to be a different person than Shade. Immortalized as a personality in EV Nova.

Steve's Shipyard


Not in the internet archive, and only referred to by another shipyard, which is an oddity since most of them don't link to any others.



This site was announced as a shipyard on the EV forums; it's unknown if it ever got past the "under construction" phase, or if it's a duplicate of another site listed here.



The archive only captured the index with frames; the contents of the frames and any possible content is lost.



This page may or may not have ever existed-it's non-existance is attested to by a 2002 capture from the archive.